I so value your connection!

Here’s some “about me” stuff.   My name is Patricia Ann Striegel, but everyone calls me Tish.

I have 5 children, including sons-in-law, and 5+ grandkids (there is one on the way!).  I am a Daughter of the one true King, Wife, Mom, Grandma, Sister, Friend, and co-worker in the Kingdom of God.  I am also a passionate person who loves all aspects of Kid’s Ministry!

I have been privileged to work in Kid’s Ministry for 18+ years first as a volunteer, then as a Director.  I have also worked as an Events Coordinator and Camp Director.  I have been grounded in one church – Cornerstone Church in Floyds Knobs, IN.  If you are in that area, please check them out!  The Pastoral staff are nurturing as they mentor and equip their flock in the process of progress in God’s Kingdom.  They are connectors and work side by side with other churches.   Through these connections I have been honored to meet some pretty awesome kids, volunteers, and Pastors!  People I would never have met if it wasn’t for the forefront Pastors of Cornerstone.

Recently, February to be exact, my husband was offered a job promotion which required relocation.  Yes, it was scary!  I had attended Cornerstone for almost 20 years and my husband almost 36 years!  This fellowship was our family.  I was on staff there!  God, what are you doing?   I had to trust, pray a lot and press through, so here I am.  We moved 2 hours from our families, daughters, grandkids, friends and our church!  Welcome to Burlington, KY!

Since moving to Burlington, transitioning has not been easy.  I have always considered myself an active doer in the Kingdom of God.  Works, not because it was necessary to earn His approval, but work in the Kingdom of God because it is truly what I wanted.  Waiting and listening to God has been very humbling!

Through prayers, conversations, and divine appointments, I believe He has revealed my next calling.  I have something to offer from my experience, trials and instruction from God and others in Kid’s Ministry.  By writing, sharing, speaking and training I will share, encourage, and put in your hearts that the most important thing in a child’s life is LOVE! I will also share lessons, ideas and events to help Kid’s Ministry.

I believe, as I have been led by example, that we are all here to help one another and not to hold back anything.  Surely you know our Heavenly Father does not hold back anything from us.  We are not in competition with each other but are helpers and encouragers, a people who love and bless each other.  As you read my blogs, please feel free to use the material I have posted in your ministry to children!

God Bless You!

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